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The Research & Development department has always been the beating heart of Areaderma. Our vast collaboration with top level national and European institutions confirms this, as well as the numerous research dissertations that have been drafted in our structure over the years.

With the scientific support of the Edmund Mach Institute of S. Michele all’Adige and with the technical support of UniR&D, a spin-off of the University of Padua, we are focusing our efforts on two-year research, co-financed by the Autonomous Province of Trento and arranged in 3 large blocks:

  • Identification and exploitation of secondary substances [processing residues], derived from the Trento farm produce sector with cosmetic action, to be used as antioxidants, natural preservatives and free water subtracters_[Water is one of the main ingredients in a cosmetics product. It can be “bound” to other molecules and therefore “not available”, or “free” and therefore constitute a fertile for bacteria that lead to product degradation. Containing the presence of “free water” as much as possible means less risk of therefore greater product stability] by means of fractioning on resin [the resins act as magnets which attract the substances to themselves in a selective way obtaining a highly concentrated and ultra-pure product. Just imagine that from one tonne of product 1 or at the most 2 kg of ultra-pure substance are obtained].

The goals of this first part of the study are:

  1. Elimination of all the superfluous parts in order to obtain an ultra-pure active concentrate characterised by statistically reproducible values;The selection of a series of naturally derived active ingredients which at the same time have cosmetic functionality (for example moisturising, anti-ageing, etc.), the capacity to subtract free water and to act as natural antioxidants and preservatives.
  2. The search for technologies and analytical methods to control the parameters needed to analyse the substance selected in point 1, with the goal of making the most accurate possible stability predictions even in the natural area where the raw material does not always display predictable behaviour.

  3. The creation of an internal sensory analysis laboratory with a group of trained judges who know how to define and assess the quality indicators of a cosmetics product. The sensory laboratory will constitute a privileged starting point for the development of new products and an exclusive instrument to analyse the existing ones.

This long and demanding project makes Areaderma a unique OEM supplier in the Italian market, capable of providing its customers with technologies and methods that are usually only used by large multinational companies in the cosmetics sector.