Eye cream for men



SOS dark circles and wrinkles!

Draining and fatiguing gel cream with immediate absorption, it helps reducing the signs of dark circles and bag swelling thanks to its active stimulating principles. Formulated without any fragrance, it is suitable to all skin types and eyes.



Shea Butter

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Who is this product for

It is intended for those who wish to drain the area around the eyes and have a fresh and tonic aspect.


It is formulated with:
Shea Butter (nourishing, regenerating, protective)
Oat (soothing, protective, moisturizing)
Baobab Oil (tonifying, firming, reducing swelling, draining)


Apply this eye cream on your clean face with a delicate tapping on cheekbones and starting from the centre towards the external area of your face. These movements facilitate draining.
For a better result we recommend to put the product in the fridge before the application.

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