30 years from Trento

Areaderma has been operating for almost thirty years. It was born and has developed in Trentino and become an Italian excellence. From a pharmacy basement of the town, to a small laboratory and a third-party company with more than 70 employees.


Areaderma was born as service laboratory for Morelli Pharmacy in Baselga di Piné, in the heart of Trentino. Its activity was to answer the requests of customized, efficient and technical products for old-age homes, hospitals, doctors, masseurs, pharmacies and herbalist shops. With time and also with requests of cooperation from commercial companies, Areaderma has decided to supply its laboratory with industrial equipment and tools and started to give more and more importance to Research and Development.


Our developing laboratory moved to Pergine Valsugana in a more convenient area from a logistic point of view which would have allowed its expansion in the following years and reached the current 5,000 square meters.


Our laboratory took the name of Areaderma officially.


Thanks to its strong development, Areaderma got ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certifications, relying on the structure of ISO norms as guidelines to define the new company organization. With the implementation of our level of product control and quality, our company has become one of the leading business for the Bio productions, with the creation of formula with ICEA certification, Eco Gruppo Italia, Ecocert Greenlife and Natrue.


Areaderma is among the first Italian cosmetic companies to obtain the certification of Good Manufacturing Procedures ISO 22716 for the cosmetic industry. This is a regulation that, after the New Cosmetic Regulation (July 2013) entered into force, includes the compulsory requirements for production sites.


New board of directors and change into S.r.l.


Introduction of Lean methodology and a dedicated department for industrialization.


Purchase of a new warehouse (reaching thus 5,000 square meters in total) and adaptation to standards ISO 9001/2015.


Areaderma reached 70 employees. A new retail shop is open in Trento.


Areaderma decided to update and to develop also its image and new lines. Areaderma started the building of the new site in Baselga di Piné.