Face Balancing Gel Mask



A real delicacy for your skin with antioxidating and illuminating action.

A restoring mask suitable for all skin types, also the most sensitive. Its gel texture makes it perfect for an immediate moisturizing treatment. It is ideal to revitalize dull and stressed skins, it gives energy and vitality to skin leaving it soft and smooth.



Currant E Blueberry Ribes e Vaccinium Myrtillus

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Who is this product for

It is for those who need a push of vitality! For those who wish light, moisture and freshness. Suitable for all skin types; from the youngest to the most mature one. Suggested to relieve and calm sensible skins.


It is formulated with:
Hyaluronic acid (moisturizing, soothing, elasticizing)
Black currant (antioxidating, protective, anti-ageing)
Blueberry (soothing, antioxidating, astringent)
Ceramides (regenerating, restoring, toning)


After a deep face cleansing, apply an important layer of mask all over your face, avoiding the eyes. Leave on for approximately 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water. For a more refreshing effect, put the mask into the fridge for 20 minutes before the application. Your skin will appear less tired.

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