Natural Oil Make-Up Remover



It removes also the most stubborn make up from eyes and mouth!

If you use waterproof makeup and you have not found yet the right product which efficiently removes makeup, then we have the product for you! This oil removes makeup without irritating the eyes and aggressing the face and leaves your skin nourished and perfectly clean.



Currant E Blueberry Ribes e Vaccinium Myrtillus

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Who is this product for

All skin types, also the most sensitive. It is indicated for waterproof and long-lasting makeup.


It is formulated with:
Black currant oil (soothing, repairing, anti-reddening)
Blackberry oil (soothing, regenerating, smoothing)
E Vitamin (elasticizing)


Put some oil drops directly on your hand palm or on a cotton pad and massage all over your face until the makeup has been removed. Use in combination with the delicate cleansing mousse to remove all oily residues if you wish a fresher effect.

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